Delicious Coffee And Teas Served Daily!

 Try our delicious coffee blends and organic teas. Coffees and teas at Green Eye are not only organic, but also fair trade certified because we believe in standing with farmers for fairness and equality. We strive to source products that are ethically and sustainably produced in hopes of a better future for everyone.

~ Coffee & Espresso ~

Small – Medium – Large  |  Single – Double


A perfectly balanced selection of Sumatra Gayo, Guatemala Huehuetenango, and Mexico Chiapas coffee beans offers a robust full bodied flavor
S-1.99 | D-2.99


An espresso shot topped with hot water to mellow its robust flavors
S-3.49 | M-3.99 | L-4.49


Steamed milk with espresso and a light topping of foam
S-3.99 | M-4.99 | L-5.99


Steamed milk and espresso carefully blended with our rich decadent house made chocolate sauce
S-4.49 | M-5.49 | L-6.49


Steamed milk and espresso with a thick layer of silky foam
S-3.99 | M-4.99 | L-5.99

Honeybee Latte

Steamed milk and espresso sweetened with clover honey and a sprinkling of cinnamon
S-4.49 | M-5.49 | L-6.49

French Press Coffee

Choose from our medium roast house blend, dark roast Sumatra Gayo, or Mountain Process Decaf and relax while we brew up a fresh cup just for you!
S-2.49 | M-3.49 | L-4.49

Hot Chocolate

Our rich decadent housemade chocolate sauce with steamed milk, a classic!
S-3.99 | M-4.49 | L-4.99

Golden Milk

Turmeric, ginger, and other warming spices are blended together for this coconut milk based antioxidant rich beverage
S-3.99 | M-4.99 | L-5.99

Matcha Latte

Green matcha tea and steamed milk create a smooth, creamy, caffeinated coffee alternative
S-4.49 | M-5.49 | L-6.49

Chai Latte

Blended in house with black tea and a traditional blend of masala spices. The tea is brewed to order and we sweeten it with a touch of vanilla and add steamed milk for a rich creamy treat.
S-3.99 | M-4.49 | L-4.99

~ Black & Green Teas ~

Small – Medium – Large

English Breakfast

Black tea blended to go well with milk, sugar or honey, and typically described as a medium-bodied, rich morning beverage
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

Earl Grey

Full bodied black tea with a touch of citrusy bergamot oil, creating a light refreshing taste.
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99


Fruit-like floral character, with a delightful citrus flavor and aroma. Makes a delicious iced tea.
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

Jasmine Dragon

A bold and intoxicating scent of jasmine with a green, mildly tannic floral flavor.
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

~ Iced Coffees ~

Small – Medium – Large

Cold Brew

Seriously caffeinated concentrate made by steeping coffee overnight, this is not your average iced coffee!
S-3.49 | M-3.99 | L-4.49

Cold Brew Latte

Cold Brew concentrate and milk over ice
S-3.99 | M-4.49 | L-4.99

Iced Americano

Espresso and cold water poured over ice
S-3.49 | M-3.99 | L-4.49

Iced Latte

Espresso and milk poured over ice
S-3.49 | M-4.99 | L-5.49

~ Herbal Teas ~

Small – Medium – Large

After Dinner

Piquant and invigorating aroma with an herbaceous mint medley, and a summery flavor with soft floral complements
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

Buck Up Buttercup

Deep and earthy aroma strong in mint with herbaceous attributes and a rigorous taste with a rich green finish
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | 3.99

Cool Aid

Herbaceous aroma with sage overtones & lightly bitter flavor with floral notes
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

Good Vibes

Soothing and bright with notes of caramel, licorice, and honey
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99


A sweet aroma of honey and berries with a wonderfully sweet flavor of roses and fruit. Honeybush is a flowering plant native to the Eastern Cape of South Africa
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

Ruby Reviver

Tart, fruity, and tropical. Reminiscent of raspberry lemonade with a hint of mint
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

Sacred Grove

Zesty with strong floral aromas with flavors of citrus and sweet red berries
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

Third Eye

Nourish your imaginations and intuition with a mystical blend of lavender, mint, and juniper
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

Tranquil Twilight

Gentle and refreshing aroma with a crisp minty and lightly floral flavor
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

Tulsi Delight

Sweet herbal aroma with a slightly minty top note and a warm taste with a delightfully spicy floral note and hints of mint
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99


Lightly perfumed aroma with complimentary mint tones, and an initially sweet flavor with a honeydew linger
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99


Mild and smooth, with a slight tannic trace nicely emphasized by the roasted notes. Yaupon is in the same family as yerba mate, but native to the southeastern United States.
S-2.99 | M-3.49 | L-3.99

~ Extras ~

*Add an extra Espresso Shot for


*Substitute Almond, Oat, or Coconut Milk for


Add some flavor

Amaretto, Basil, Butterscotch, Brown Sugar, Caramel, Chocolate, Coconut, Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Lavender, Peppermint, Pumpkin Spice, Raspberry, Vanilla, & White Chocolate.