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Stopped by the shop and had the best experience! Such a relaxing atmosphere and Chris was incredibly knowledgeable about all of the products they carry. Ended up leaving with BOX full truffles. Will definitely be coming back!

Fantastic café! I’ve been trying to get over a cold and thought some tea might help. Jessie suggested a couple different types that I couldn’t choose between (cold/flu brew and spicy herbal mint), so she made a blend of them with some honey. It helped soothe my throat and was so delicious that I went back for another the next day!
I definitely plan on trying some of the other teas as well as soup and chili they offer at lunch.

Great little coffee shop my husband and I found while eloping in Gatlinburg! Best lattes ever, The honeybee. I cant say a bad word about this place. The vibes alone were enough to send you into the coffee shop zen that other big name coffee places try to achieve. We will be back. For sure! Thank you!

Loved stopping in to the Green Eye Café on my day off, the vibe is chill. I really enjoyed the variety of herbal teas & coffee! My favorite was the “green eye” sweetened with a bit of honey! The staff is always friendly too! Great Place!

Their homemade teas are incredible! Kratom also helps me with energy and is priced very fairly. Will definitely be a regular here.

Very friendly staff and great coffee! Wide selection of CBD and Delta 8 products as well. The honeybee coffee is my favorite!