From the Moon Mother Hemp manufacturer:

“Our CBD massage oil is a deeply indulgent CBD oil made of full-spectrum organic hemp. Along with only two other ingredients – soothing lavender essential oil and jojoba oil – our hemp massage oil feels luxurious on your skin while providing beneficial plant compounds and much-needed moisture.

Our therapeutic CBD massage oil is a blend of full spectrum hemp extract paired with lavender essential oil and jojoba oil that works quickly to soothe muscles and restore balance to body and mind. Lavender essential oil doesn’t just provide you with a calming scent while you enjoy a rejuvenating massage though – it also soothes the skin and provides anti-inflammatory properties to the muscles and joints below the skin. The oil is partnered with jojoba oil, which acts as nature’s best moisturizer while alleviating skin irritation. The cruelty-free formula makes this a highly ethical self-care ritual that you’ll want to indulge in on a daily basis thanks to its intensely healing nature.

Our full-spectrum, organically grown hemp extract comes from our USDA-certified family farm in Colorado. We make it using the CO2 method for more stability and bioavailability. We have a third-party lab confirm its quality, and you can find the results in our CBD Certificate of Analysis (COA).”


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